About Us


People affected by cancer who live in regional areas have greater challenges to accessing treatment and care and poorer outcomes than those living in major cities. The NSW Regional Cancer Research Network are working together to improve equity of cancer outcomes in regional NSW through supporting research and initiatives that are informed by people affected by cancer and the cancer services they access in their communities.

Who we are

The NSW Regional Cancer Research Network brings together health and medical professionals, researchers, cancer services and the people affected by cancer from the geographical area covered by our partner Local Health Districts (LHDs):

  • Central Coast
  • Hunter New England
  • Mid-North Coast
  • Northern NSW


Leveraging and building on our joint capacity and expertise, we work together to respond to clinical research questions as they present at the local coalface.
Our approach is underpinned by a commitment to cancer research that can be readily translated into regional clinical practice, with a particular focus on improving opportunities for research participation and equity of outcomes for those affected by cancer within our communities.

The NSW Regional Cancer Research Network is funded by the Cancer Institute NSW through a Translational Cancer Research Capacity Building Grant and established through NSW Regional Health Partners.

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We acknowledge the many Traditional Custodians of Country throughout regional, rural and remote NSW and honour their Elders, families and descendants, past and present. We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs, and deep and continuing relationship with the land and waterways.  We acknowledge that they are the proud survivors of more than two hundred years of dispossession.